The Type of HQ Wireline Overshots

PEERCHEER offers compact BQ Ezy lock overshots for use with hq wireline overshots.

Working Principle
When the salvager enters the center tube of the drill bit, the slider moves up, so that the salvager head can be inserted into the center tube. When the slider is up, the slider moves down and tightens, and the friction bit is used to lift the drill bit. The connecting rope on the slide will tighten tightly, just pull out the center tube.

Before salvaging, you must first determine the position of the drill bit at the bottom of the hole. A thin plate can be bolted to the bottom of the drill rod. The drill rod can be dropped to the bottom of the hole and pressed onto the drill bit. The indentation left to determine the relative position of the hole bottom drill bit and the center of the drill turret, and then move the rig or turntable so that the center of the turntable is facing the center tube of the wound head, then it can ensure that the fishing device can be accurately inserted into the center tube.

Key points of operation:
(1) Measure the length of the salvage tubing, verify the depth of the fish roof well, and the salvage entry
(2) Select the fishing tool and go down the fishing pole to explore the fish top
(3) Salvage in combination with the salvage tools used
(4) Trial mention, if the reading of the dynamometer increases obviously, indicating that it has been held, then lift the pipe string steadily and remove the falling objects.
(5) If a card is encountered after fishing, the card will be unlocked or reversed, the salvage pipe will be pulled out, and the next step will be studied.

HQU Diamond Drilling Overshot
HQU Diamond Drilling Overshot140x140
1-HQU Overshot Eye Bolt
2-HQU Overshot Cable Swivel Collar
3-HQU Overshot Thrust Bearing
4-HQU Overshot Castle Nut
5-HQU Overshot Cotter Pin
6-HQU Overshot Grease Fitting
7-HQU Overshot Cable Swivel Body
8-HQU Overshot Upper Body
9-HQU Overshot Pin
10-HQU Overshot Pump-In Lip Seal
11-HQU Overshot Seal Seat
12-HQU Overshot Indicator Bushing
13-HQU Overshot Ball
14-HQU Overshot Head
15-HQU Overshot Plain Pin
16-HQU Overshot Spring Pin
17-HQU Overshot Compression Spring
18-HQU Overshot Lifting Dog

NQU Quick Pump-in Overshot Assembly
HQU Diamond Drilling OvershotNQU Quick Pump-in Overshot Assembly
1-NQU Overshot Eye Bolt
2-NQU Overshot Cable Swivel Collar
3-NQU Overshot Thrust Bearing
4-NQU Overshot Castle Nut
5-NQU Overshot Cotter Pin
6-NQU Overshot Grease Fitting
7-NQU Overshot Cable Swivel Body
8-NQU Overshot Upper Body
9-NQU Overshot Pin
10-NQU Overshot Pump-In Lip Seal
11-NQU Overshot Seal Seat
12-NQU Overshot Indicator Bushing
13-NQU Overshot Ball
14-NQU Overshot Head
15-NQU Overshot Plain Pin
16-NQU Overshot Spring Pin
17-NQU Overshot Compression Spring
18-NQU Overshot Lifting Dog

BQU Wireline Overshot
HQ Wireline Overshots
BQU Wireline Overshot
1-BQU Overshot Eye Bolt
2-BQU Overshot Cable Swivel Collar
3-BQU Overshot Thrust Bearing
4-BQU Overshot Castle Nut
5-BQU Overshot Cotter Pin
6-BQU Overshot Grease Fitting
7-BQU Overshot Cable Swivel Body
8-BQU Overshot Upper Body
9-BQU Overshot Pin
10-BQU Overshot Pump-In Lip Seal
11-BQU Overshot Seal Seat
12-BQU Overshot Indicator Bushing
13-BQU Overshot Ball
14-BQU Overshot Head
15-BQU Overshot Plain Pin
16-BQU Overshot Spring Pin
17-BQU Overshot Compression Spring
18-BQU Overshot Lifting Dog