The Type of Core Barrels

PEERCHEER was founded in 2006, we have manufactured drilling tools for more than 10 years.PEERCHEER manufactures double tube core barrels, overshots, drill rods, casing, core drill bits, reaming shells, casing shoes & rod shoes, core barrel spare parts, drilling accessories etc.

HQ Surface Diamond Drilling Core Barrel Backend
Core BarrelHQ-wireline-coring-core-barrel
Standard Configuration
1-HQ Head Assembly
2-HQ Inner Tube
3-HQ Stop Ring
4-HQ Core Lifter
5-HQ Core Lifter Case
6-HQ Locking Coupling
7-HQ Adapter Coupling
8-HQ Landing Ring
9-HQ Outer Tube
10-HQ Inner Tube Stabilizer
11-HQ Thread Protector

PQ Surface Diamond Drilling Core Barrel
double tube core barrels
PQ Nonimal Parameter MM Inches
PQ Hole Diameter(approx.) 122.6 4.827
PQ Core Diameter(approx.) 85.0 3.346
PQ Core Bit Set OD(approx.) 122.0 4.803
PQ Core Bit Set ID(approx.) 85.0 3.346
PQ Reaming Shell Set OD(approx.) 122.6 4.827
PQ Outer Tube OD 117.5 4.626
PQ Outer Tube ID 103.2 4.063
PQ Inner Tube OD 95.6 3.764
PQ Inner Tube ID 88.9 3.500

Wireline Triple Tube Core Barrel NQ3 Natural Diamond Core Bit
double tube core barrelsCheap-NQ3-Natural-Diamond-Core-Bit-exporter
Standard Configuration
1-NQ3 Head Assembly
2-NQ3 Pump Out Adapter
3-NQ3 Piston Plug
4-NQ3 O Ring
5-NQ3 Core Ejection Piston
6-NQ3 Split tube
7-NQ3 Inner Tube
8-NQ3 Stop Ring
9-NQ3 Core Lifter
10-NQ3 Core Lifter Case
11-NQ3 Locking Coupling
12-NQ3 Adapter Coupling
13-NQ3 Landing Ring
14-NQ3 Outer Tube
15-NQ3 Inner Tube Stabilizer
16-NQ3 Thread Protector