BQU Wireline Overshot
  • BQU Wireline Overshot
  • BQU Wireline Overshot

BQU Wireline Overshot

PEERCHEER offers BQU quick pump-in overshot for use with BQU Wireline Overshot. BQU quick pump-in overshot provides significantly improved pump-in rates with dual pump-in lip-seals.In addition, BQU quick pump-in overshot incorporates the proven/reliable, patented Landing Indicator bushing as an optional bypass valve feature. BQU overshot is ideal for maximum productivity in underground or pump-in applications.

Product Details


BQU Wireline Overshot Standard Parts:

1-BQU Overshot Eye Bolt
2-BQU Overshot Cable Swivel Collar
3-BQU Overshot Thrust Bearing
4-BQU Overshot Castle Nut
5-BQU Overshot Cotter Pin
6-BQU Overshot Grease Fitting
7-BQU Overshot Cable Swivel Body
8-BQU Overshot Upper Body
9-BQU Overshot Pin
10-BQU Overshot Pump-In Lip Seal
11-BQU Overshot Seal Seat
12-BQU Overshot Indicator Bushing
13-BQU Overshot Ball
14-BQU Overshot Head
15-BQU Overshot Plain Pin
16-BQU Overshot Spring Pin
17-BQU Overshot Compression Spring
18-BQU Overshot Lifting Dog


BQU Wireline Overshot
BQU Nonimal Parameter mm Inches
BQU Hole Diameter(approx.) 60.0 2.362
BQU Core Diameter(approx.) 36.5 1.437
BQU Core Bit Set OD(approx.) 59.5 2.343
BQU Core Bit Set ID(approx.) 36.5 1.437
BQU Reaming Shell Set OD(approx.) 60.0 2.362