Wireline Drill Rod | Everything you want to know about cable drill rods is here

Directional drill pipe, also known as center cable drill pipe or measurement-while-drilling drill pipe, is mainly used for deep hole drilling with a kilometer directional drilling rig. It consists of four parts: the drill pipe body, the conducting device, the insulating device and the supporting device, and the conducting device, the insulating device and the supporting device constitute the central cable device of the drill pipe, which affects the transmission of the MWD signal. It is the signal transmission device between the hole bottom inclinometer unit and the orifice inclinometer equipment. It is an important supporting drilling tool to ensure the smooth implementation of directional drilling. It is mainly used in underground directional drilling in coal mines, rotary drilling in coal mines and other geological Controlled directional drilling conditions.
However, when it comes to logistics and transportation after purchasing, you must understand and master some information about the goods, including the quantity, size, shape, packaging form, firmness, and shipping requirements of drill pipes. The appearance size of directional drill pipe can be confirmed by technical drawing, but its weight is generally difficult to find accurate data.

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