What are the structure and characteristics of PDC bit

PDC bit, everyone who understands geological exploration must know that it is generally used in drilling construction in the geological exploration industry. Today, the editor will tell you about the structure and characteristics of the PDC drill bit.
A polycrystalline diamond cutter alloy drill bit is simply a PDC bit, which consists of a bit body and cutters.
(1) Drill bit body. There are two types of drill bit body: cemented carbide body and steel body. The cemented carbide matrix is ​​precision cast in the alloy mold, the cylindrical cutting teeth are welded on the drill bit body, and the diamond is welded at the gauge position. The steel body drill is made of nickel, chromium and molybdenum alloy steel. After the heat treatment process, the drill body is drilled, the pillar-type cutting teeth are inserted in the hole, and the button-shaped hard alloy is inserted at the gauge position.
(2) Cutting teeth. Depending on the stratum to be drilled and the appearance design of the alloy bit, the shape, number and sorting method of the cutting teeth on the alloy bit are also different. The cutting edge is made of thin-layer artificial polycrystalline diamond bonded to the tungsten carbide substrate by ultra-high pressure and high temperature. It has very good wear resistance, and the tungsten alloy base further enhances the impact resistance of the composite sheet.