Casing | What is the function of water pipe casing?

1. In daily life, the addition of casing to the water pipeline is generally due to the pump casing or the fluidity of the water, which will cause the pipe network to vibrate, thereby causing a part of the working pressure. If the casing is added, the working pressure will be buffered, and the It is easy to destroy the wall, so that the wall can be prevented from cracking, and it can be leveled as always.

2. Conducive to engineering construction. If you do not pre-embed the casing when decorating, then you need a small box for civil engineering to make concrete. If that's the case, after the construction of your pipeline is completed, these civil engineering workers will need to carry out a simple solution in another hole, and there is one more process flow, which is not as good as burying the pipeline immediately at the beginning.

3. Conducive to maintenance. If the pipeline wants to be disassembled for various reasons, it is very convenient and convenient at this time.

4. Water often occurs in areas such as restaurant kitchens and toilets. The casing is 20mm higher than the decorative design surface, which will prevent water from flowing down the pipe. In particular, the embedded casing has effective contact with the moisture-proof road surface, and the moisture-proof characteristics are far superior to the practice of repairing these embedded square holes afterward.

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