The correct way to plug the pipe through the wall and casing

Pipeline through wall casing plugging method
Check the inside of the casing to remove rust and debris, to prevent rust, paint the pipe wall, then install the pipe and adjust the slope, and then fix the support and hanger. 2. Flush the pipe wall, plug the fine stone concrete containing expansion agent to 1/3 of the casing, and vibrate to compact it. 3. Block the outside of the wall and both sides of the inside of the wall respectively, the operation is as 1-2 steps.

What should I do if there is leakage in the water pipe through the wall
1. Positive plugging: the most effective plugging method, the muddy water stage must be arranged and handled, and the process is usually referred to as toilet waterproofing. Pay attention to the following points.
a. The grassroots should be dealt with well: first find the leveling, and the position of the pipe that is going to pass through the wall should be plugged.
b. Waterproofing of key parts: The roots of the wall pipes, the yin and yang corners, and the floor drain should be carefully waterproofed in these places where water may leak.