Ntw adapter coupling | What is a coupling

Couplings are also called couplings. It is a commonly used part in mechanical products, used to connect two shafts or shafts and rotating parts, and in the process of transmitting motion and power, they rotate together without disengaging or changing the direction of rotation and torque. Some couplings also have functions such as compensating for the relative displacement of the two shafts and buffering and reducing vibration. In addition, some couplings can also double as a safety device to prevent overloading of the drive shaft.
Couplings are often composed of two halves, which are connected by keys or tight fittings, and are fastened at the ends of the two shafts, and then the two halves are connected in some way. The coupling can also compensate for the offset (including axial offset, radial offset, angular offset or comprehensive offset) between the two shafts due to inaccurate manufacturing and installation, deformation during operation or thermal expansion, etc. ; and shock mitigation and vibration absorption.
Most of the commonly used couplings have been standardized or standardized. Generally, it is only necessary to correctly select the type of the coupling and determine the type and size of the coupling. When necessary, the load capacity can be checked and calculated for its vulnerable weak links; when the rotation speed is high, the centrifugal force of the outer edge and the deformation of the elastic element should be checked, and the balance check should be carried out.