Nq adapter coupling | What are the functions of the coupling

The function of the centrifugal pump coupling is to connect the connecting parts of the centrifugal pump shaft and the motor shaft. The centrifugal pump coupling is a mechanical part that connects the motor and the hydraulic device of the centrifugal pump. The non-slip centrifugal pump couplings often used in the technical field of centrifugal pumps can be divided into rigid centrifugal pump couplings and flexible centrifugal pump couplings. The centrifugal pump coupling is also called "back wheel". It is a mechanical part that transmits the rotational power of the motor to the water pump. The centrifugal pump coupling has two forms of rigid and flexible. The rigid centrifugal pump coupling is actually two ring flanges, which cannot adjust the concentricity of the pump shaft and the motor shaft. Therefore, the installation accuracy is required to be high, and it is often used for the connection of small water pump units and demountable centrifugal pump units.
Couplings are divided into cross couplings, shell couplings, universal couplings, pin couplings, plum couplings, star couplings, elastic couplings, etc.