How Core Barrel Overshot works

Core Barrel Overshot provides exceptional performance and complete sample recovery in any application of diamond core drilling.

Using a wireline system, the inner tube is retrieved directly through the drill string for rapid coring. The rod remains in the hole until the bit needs to be replaced. This has a great cost advantage when drilling deep holes for mineral exploration.

Standard wireline twin barrel coring barrels are suitable for most drilling conditions and are available for standard bore (BWL, NWL, HWL and PWL) applications.

When the inner tube is full, a device called an overshot is lowered downhole by wireline and brought to the surface using a winch. Once the inner tube assembly reaches the surface, the empty inner tube is lowered into the hole so that drilling can resume. Every size coring can be used with an overshot. This is a recovery unit that descends on a wire rope to recover the inner tube assembly containing the core.

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