Dual tube drilling core barrel | Maintenance of double pipe core drill

Dual tube drilling  core barrel

In order to ensure the normal use of the double-pipe core drilling tool, it is necessary to check the drilling tool frequently, and make regular repairs and maintenance.
1. Check the wear of the bullet card and whether the bullet card is deformed. When the bullet card is in the open state, the maximum distance between the two wings should be 1.5mm larger than the inner diameter of the bullet card stopper, otherwise it should be replaced in time. In order to ensure the flexible action of the clip, it should be lubricated with oil frequently.
2. The single-acting bearing should be injected with butter regularly. Generally, it should be cleaned and injected with butter every time it is lifted. If the single action is not flexible, it must be disassembled and inspected, and the bearing should be replaced if it is damaged. Into the rock dust particles or other dirt, should be thoroughly cleaned.
3. When the bending deformation of the inner tube exceeds 0.5min/m, it must be straightened. If there is a pit that prevents the core from entering the inner tube, it should be replaced with a new one.
4. If there is a fork on the stopper head. The wear of the fork should be checked every time the drill is lifted. If you find that the rounded corners are ground, you should use a steel file to smooth them. When deformation or breakage is detected, it must be replaced.
5. When the suspension ring, seat ring and centering ring are affected by wear and deformation, they must be repaired or replaced in time.
6. If the spring of the reporting agency in place is fatigued and permanently deformed, it should be replaced in time.
7. The butterfly spring of the rock core blocking alarm mechanism has been used for many times, due to fatigue damage or reduced elasticity, increase the number of butterfly springs or replace the deformed butterfly spring.
8. When using a circlip seat with a nozzle, the nozzle depth should be kept at 4mm. If it is found to be worn, it should be deepened to 4mm in time, and the circlip seat should be replaced in time if it is deformed.
9. Before every time the core is fetched, the wear of the head and tail springs of the salvage hook should be checked. If it is worn and deformed seriously, it should be replaced in time.