Classification of diamond drilling tools

There are many types of diamond drilling tools (commonly known as diamond bits), and different industries and departments are often classified according to different classification methods.

1. Classification by use
1. Diamond drill bits for geological drilling include drill bits for geological exploration, drill bits for coal exploration, hydrology and engineering drill bits, tunnel drill bits, etc. It can be further subdivided into single-tube drilling bits, double-tube drilling bits, rope coring and mud drilling bits, air blowing drilling bits, full drilling bits, large-diameter drilling bits for engineering and special drill bits, etc. .
2. Oil (gas) well diamond drill bits include full drilling bits, coring bits and special drill bits. 3. Construction and construction engineering drills are mainly used for various types of thin-walled drills for concrete floors, walls and other building construction and stone drilling.
4. Other Use Bits These drill bits include all diamond drilling tools except for the above three uses, such as casing drills for the semiconductor and glass industries, graphite electrode processing, refractory drilling, rock sampling and ceramic drilling.

2. Classification according to cutting materials
There are many kinds of cutting and grinding materials used as diamond drill bits for drilling, mainly including synthetic diamond bits, natural diamond bits, diamond polycrystalline drill bits, diamond compact drill bits, single crystal and polycrystalline composite drill bits, and insert diamond drill bits And other new material drill bits.

3. Classification according to the inlay method of cutting materials
The setting method refers to the distribution of diamonds on the surface or inside of the bit matrix. According to this classification method, it can be divided into impregnated diamond bits, surface-mounted diamond bits and insert diamond bits.