Basic requirements of casing tubes

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basic requirements:
The design of the casing tubes usually meets:
①No partial discharge or thermal breakdown occurs under long-term working voltage;
②No gliding discharge occurs during the power frequency withstand voltage test;
③No breakdown or flashover occurs during power frequency and impulse voltage tests.
Types of:
There are many types of bushings. According to different structural characteristics and main insulating media, they can be divided into single insulating material bushings (including pure porcelain bushings and resin bushings) and composite insulating bushings (including oil-filled bushings and gas-filled bushings). ) And capacitive bushings (including oil-paper capacitive bushings, adhesive paper capacitive bushings) three types of pure porcelain bushings are bushings insulated with electric porcelain and air. Due to its relatively simple structure, it is widely used in wall bushings of 35kV and below and electrical bushings of 10kV and below. In order to ensure sufficient creepage distance, the outdoor part of the porcelain sleeve is also provided with ribs. In order to prevent the occurrence of corona in the air in the porcelain sleeve, the surface of the porcelain sleeve is often sprayed with a metal coating and the diameter of the guide rod is enlarged to improve the electric field distribution.