NTW HTW BTW Core Lifter
  • NTW HTW BTW Core Lifter
  • NTW HTW BTW Core Lifter

NTW HTW BTW Core Lifter

PEERCHEER offers BTW NTW HTW core lifter for use with BTW NTW HTW core barrels. The BTW NTW HTW core lifter is a hardened steel, split collar with a tapered body that mates to a tapered socket in the BTW NTW HTW core lifter case. In a core breaking operation, the drill string is lifted off bottom and the core sample begins to slide out of the inner-tube. Grip features on the inner surface of the core lifter catch the moving core sample and pull the core lifter towards the smaller end of the tapered socket in the core lifter case. The core lifter is constricted against the core sample and retains it after it has broken, allowing retrieval to surface. TW series core lifters are available for application in standard DCDMA B N H size.
PEERCHEER’S core lifters are made out of high-quality alloy steel that has been heat treated to increase strength, toughness, and wear life.

Product Details


NTW HTW BTW Core Lifter Types:

A-BTW NTW HTW Fluted Type Core lifter
-Ideal for use in broken ground
-Increased flexibility; ideal for use when encountered irregular core shapes
-Also known as the broached core lifter
B-BTW NTW HTW Slotted Type Core lifter
-Improved core lifter design
-Ideal for use in competent ground conditions
-Increased grip area with the core sample
-Also known as the Brown Core Lifter

(1)Diamond coated core lifter is also available

NTW HTW BTW Core Lifter
BTW NTW HTW Nonimal Weight kg Ibs
BTW Core Lifter(approx.) 0.02 0.04
NTW Core Lifter(approx.) 0.05 0.11
HTW Core Lifter(approx.) 0.10 0.22