NQ Wireline Compact Overshot Assembly
  • NQ Wireline Compact Overshot Assembly
  • NQ Wireline Compact Overshot Assembly

NQ Wireline Compact Overshot Assembly

PEERCHEER offers compact NQ Ezy lock overshot for use with NQ/NQ3/NTW core barrel. NQ EZY lock overshot is designed to protect against accidental release of NQ/NQ3/NTW inner tube assembly. NQ Ezy Lock Overshot is ideal for surface applications when hoisting above ground.
NQ Ezy lock overshot Features:
• Ezy Lock Sleeve provides a quick, one-handed rotation of the sleeve to lock the lifting dogs.
• Quick Release Safety Pin locks the overshot head to the spearhead point.
• Threaded connection between jar staff and overshot head.
• High strength alloy steel jar staff with increased diameter and fail safe stop.


Product Details

BQ Surface Drilling Overshot

NQ Wireline Compact Overshot Standard Parts:

1-NQ Overshot Eye Bolt
2-NQ Overshot Cable Swivel Collar
3-NQ Overshot Thrust Bearing
4-NQ Overshot Castle Nut
5-NQ Overshot Cotter Pin
6-NQ Overshot Grease Fitting
7-NQ Overshot Cable Swivel Body
8-NQ Overshot Jar Staff
9-NQ Overshot Jar Tube
10-NQ Overshot Hex Nut
11-NQ Overshot Cap
12-NQ Overshot Spring
13-NQ Overshot Sleeve
14-NQ Overshot Compression Spring
15-NQ Overshot Ball
16-NQ Overshot Head
17-NQ Overshot Compression Spring
18-NQ Overshot Lifting Dog
19-NQ Overshot Plain Pin
20-NQ Overshot Spring Pin
21-NQ Overshot Locking Pin
22-NQ Overshot Set Screw
23-NQ Overshot Locking Sleeve

(1)NQ Overshot with roller bar type is also available

NQ Wireline Compact Overshot
NQ Nonimal Parameter mm Inches
NQ Hole Diameter(approx.) 75.8 2.984
NQ Core Diameter(approx.) 47.6 1.874
NQ Core Bit Set OD(approx.) 75.3 2.965
NQ Core Bit Set ID(approx.) 47.6 1.874
NQ Reaming Shell Set OD(approx.) 75.8 2.984