BTWU Core Barrel
  • BTWU Core Barrel
  • BTWU Core Barrel

BTWU Core Barrel

PEERCHEER offers thin wall BTWU core barrel for use with BTW rods. BTWU core barrel is ideal for in most underground drilling conditions with low feed force drills for improved rate of production. BTWU core barrel is available for application in standard DCDMA B size hole. But BTWU core barrel offers lightweight options for biggest core size per comparable system size.It consists of the BTWU head assembly , BTWU inner tube components and BTWU outer tube components.

Product Details

BTWU core barrel standard configuration:

1-BTWU Head Assembly
2-BTWU Inner Tube
3-BTWU Stop Ring
4-BTWU Core Lifter
5-BTWU Core Lifter Case
6-BTWU Locking Coupling
7-BTWU Adapter Coupling
8-BTWU Landing Ring
9-BTWU Outer Tube
10-BTWU Inner Tube Stabilizer
11-BTWU Reaming Shell
12-BTWU Core Bit

(1)BTWU core bit and reaming shell are not included
(2) 1.5m/5ft and 3m/10ft BTWU core barrels are available

BTWU Nonimal Parameter mm Inches
BTWU Hole Diameter(approx.) 60.0 2.362
BTWU Core Diameter(approx.) 42.0 1.654
BTWU Core Bit Set OD(approx.) 59.5 2.343
BTWU Core Bit Set ID(approx.) 42.0 1.654
BTWU Reaming Shell Set OD(approx.) 60.0 2.362