BQ HQ PQ NQ High Speed Water Swivel
  • BQ HQ PQ NQ High Speed Water Swivel
  • BQ HQ PQ NQ High Speed Water Swivel

BQ HQ PQ NQ High Speed Water Swivel

PEERCHEER offers BQ NQ HQ PQ high speed water swivel with replaceable mechanical “end-face” seals suited for operation with high rpm drills for use with BQ NQ HQ PQ BQU NQU HQU core barrels and rods. BQ NQ HQ PQ  high speed water swivels are designed for continuous operation without downtime. Q series high speed water swivels are available to connect to standard BQ NQ HQ PQ coring system.
BQ NQ HQ PQ High-speed Water Swivel Features:
-Available in sizes suited for wireline drill rods with accordingly sized spindle fluid porting
-Spring loaded, self-adjusting and self-aligning end-face seals absorb vibration
at high rpm
-Weep holes prevent any leakage past the seal from reaching the bearing, and also indicate seal condition to the operator
-Protected grease fitting to allow easy lubrication of bearings
-Easily disassembles with pipe wrenches, a screw driver, spanner wrench, and
soft mallet, for easy seal or bearing replacement
-Suitable for use with water or drilling mud
-Mates directly to Q series, T series, and TW series drill rods

Product Details


BQ HQ PQ NQ High Speed Water Swivel Standard Configuration:

1-Water Swivel Cap
2-Seal Bearing
3-Water Swivel Stem
4-Ball Bearing 
5-Water Swivel Body 
6-Grease Fitting
7-Swivel Seal 
8-Seal Retainer

(1)#16 NPT hose connection
(2)AW rod box spindle connection
(3)5/8" spindle fluid porting

BQNQHQPQ high speed water swivel
BQ NQ HQ PQ Nonimal Weight kg Ibs
BQ High Speed Water Swivel(approx.) 8.00 17.64
NQ High Speed Water Swivel(approx.) 9.00 19.84
HQ High Speed Water Swivel(approx.) 10.00 22.05
PQ High Speed Water Swivel(approx.) 12.00 26.45